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How to dress for your body?

How to dress for your body? Apr 28, 2018 Adventures By www.realmenrealstyle.com Comments

Body Shape #1 For Men – TRIANGLE Most men are predisposed to being larger around the waist and hips in relation to the top part of their bodies, especially as they get older. This creates a natural triangular shape with the base at the waist and the tip at the face. Having a triangular body shape does not mean you are in bad shape but it presents a challenge in finding clothes that make your entire body appear proportional. Most men’s clothing is designed with the opposite effect in mind – broad on top and narrower at the waist. Creating balance and shape with your clothes is a key consideration for you. Clothing For Men With Triangular Body Shape: Tailored patterned blazers: Wear checked blazers and fitted waistcoats with solid trousers. The mix of prints and solid colors will create the illusion of shape and take the focus away from the larger waist. Vertical stripes: This pattern creates a streamlined effect that elongates and slims down the upper body. Horizontal stripes are preferred only if they are visible from the chest upward. Jackets with structured shoulders: Slouchy shoulders on jackets (bomber jackets, for instance) will exaggerate your already sloping shoulder line. Structured shoulders (on a topcoat for instance), square off your frame. Single-breasted suits: Double-breasted jackets add bulk to the waist. Single-breasted jackets allow for a more relaxed and slimming fit. Get your jackets tailored for a structured fit on the top but with extra room around the waist. Brighter color panels: Patterns and detailing across the chest and shoulders help to broaden the narrow upper torso. Wear jumpers and crew neck tees with color panels across the chest but a slimming darker color like gray, navy or black around the mid-section. Clothing To Avoid For Men With Triangular Body Shape: Fitted polo shirts and roll necks: Both these styles tend to make the neck and shoulders appear slender while accentuating any roundness in the waist. Brighter colors and busy prints: Bold and bright patterns will draw attention to your triangular shaped torso. Work them into your outfit as accents in the form of pocket squares, glasses, socks, and trainers. Bold belts will only draw attention to your the width of your waist. Skinny fits and extreme tapers: Narrowing trousers draw the eye of an observer to the center of your body. Swap them for wide and straight leg fits that add proportion to your silhouette.

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