Who we are

SWAPIT crew members are day dreamers who always think about how to make your life stress-free especially for your look and your pocket. We created the first hassle free online shop where you could find your favorite brands clothing under one roof, with the best quality and most affordable prices. 

Our Aim

Our aim is to create a unique shopping experience as we offer the best prices around & the best qualities at the market. We can hear every voice inside you complaining about the high prices, quality and other issues that bothers your shopping hobby. So, we presented the rooster as the fire fighter of your fashion life and saver of your money. 

What we do?

We help you “Buy, Sell, Exchange” well-known brand clothing with a perfect condition to fit your look and your pocket. You will find the best deals/offers and we will also give you the chance to freshen up your entire wardrobe with some easy steps.   


You can shop our collection on our website, you will find different categories to shop from with a wide variety of clothes and well known worldwide brands.

“Sell & Exchange”:

It's simple:

1. Check and rearrange your closet. Prepare all the clothes that you don't use but still in a very good condition. (Remember that tommy T-shirt or those pair of Guess jeans?).
2. Contact us through our Website/Facebook/Instagram page or via WhatsApp to send us the size, brand name and picture of your item(s).
3. One of our team will contact you and an estimated value of your item(s) will be calculated.
4. Then, you have two options;

  • “Sell” your item(s) for cash credit “Credit Voucher” with A 6 month’s validity on our collection.
  • “Exchange” your item(s) with any item(s) from our collection with best offers.

We sell both New and Preloved/Pre-owned clothes with an excellent condition and reasonable prices.

We assure you that our preloved/Pre-owned items will arrive as if it’s new. How?

  • Our products go through strong sterilization, washing and ironing processes by using sterilization machine and specialized products.
  • A team of roosters check every inch of the product to assure high quality and that the item is intact.
  • Our pack will stun you!! So just keep it!!

What’s more?

Who needs a shopping friend when you have SWAPIT?! Our team will help you pick and grab the best that suits you. We will give you all the needed tips of the latest trends and styles. We will get you ready and covered whatever the occasion is and even with your last-minute decisions.

Why us?

SWAPIT will be your fashion hub.

  • We will assure a wide variety of clothes and well known worldwide brands to shop from.
  • We have the best prices at the market.
  • We deliver your order to your doorstep in a unique packaging that you will instantly fall in love with.

Easy Now?

It’s easier than ever to sell your clothes to swapit with our Sell via WhatsApp. Request a pre-paid shipping bag, choose whether you’d like a cash back credit to buy from our collections now or later!! We’re able to purchase from you– and let us know if you have more clothes that you like to donate. Our pre-paid shipping bag will be at your door in days, ready to fill up with gently Pre-owned, on-trend clothing.


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